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Eclipse [four]

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Eclipse
★ Kim Junsu, Park Cham (OC)
♦ Fluff, Romance

→ What happens when the Sun and the Moon meet? when they fall in love? Will their differences draw them together? Or make them stay apart?

Written for raindrop_symph

[One] [Two] [Three]

It has been two days after the incident that Cham didn’t want to recall. At that time, things had been going rather normally and smoothly for her. She’s doing her duty in the hospital as usual, completing her theses, studying for exams and all that normal stuff.

Little does she know, her hope that this “normality” would continue on for the rest of her life would be shattered.


The crazy fangirl screams ringed annoyingly in Cham’s ears as she headed out of their building and near the university gates. She covered her ears before finally going out of the gates where the fan girls were. The scene was just like two days ago. Cham swallowed as she expected to see a shiny red car up front. Fortunately for her, she didn’t. Besides from a gray Mercedes Benz and a black Lamborghini Murcielago, there were no other expensive cars that boasted its shininess – especially a red certainly-millions-worth Lexus. Cham let out a sigh of relief and continued on her way – with much difficulty. She was either pushed or shoved by the crazy girls who all seem to be carrying magazines. She tried to push the other girls to get through the crowd. It was a wrong move. Some of the girls fought back by pulling her hair and pushing her more until, finally, she was pushed out of the crowd. Cham stumbled and landed painfully on the ground.

“Aish!” she muttered angrily to herself. She stood up and brushed dirt off of her uniform and off of her legs. She was about to go when something caught her eye. On the ground was one of the magazines most of the girls had. She took it and examined the cover closely. Cham’s jaw dropped. She blinked a few times, trying to see if she was hallucinating or what. She wasn’t.

There, on the cover, was the creepy guy she had met two days ago. He was smiling widely with four other guys. There was a caption below them that said:

“Dong Bang Shin Ki: Behind the scenes look at the Idol Group’s recent tour.”

“Omo!” she exclaimed to herself. “What the hell? He’s a star?”


The screams got louder still, worsening the already annoyed condition of Cham.

“Aish!” she muttered irately, deciding that she should go soon before she’d be fan girl chow. She dropped the magazine wherever and started to walk.


Cham could’ve sworn the hairs on the back of her neck stood up as soon as her ears picked up that annoying high pitched voice. She stood frozen in her place, arguing with herself if she should turn or not.


The voice called again.

“Aish! Why is he calling that girl?”

“What, that girl again?”

“She’s the girl from before?”

“Yes, it’s her. Aish! What a slut! And he knows her?”

Malicious whispers from the crowd of girls were heard. Cham tried to strain them from her ears. She walked hurriedly to get away from them.


“Yah, yah, yah!” Junsu yelled when he saw the girl quickly walking away. But his voice was lost in the murmur, giggles and screams so he doubt Cham had heard it. He quickly went back to his car and drove off.

Junsu headed to the street of where her dorm was. He knew it was best to just wait for her there than in the near vicinity of her school. He didn’t have to wait long. Five minutes later, Junsu spotted her. He quickly got out of his car.

“Annyeong~!” Junsu greeted happily and suddenly, making Cham jump.

“Y-yah!” she stuttered. “You again? What do you want from me?”

“Aigoo… Am I really that bad the last time we met?” he asked rather amusedly.

Cham wasn’t amused. She smirked at him. “Whatever. If you’ll excuse me, I have to do a million better things than to have a conversation with you.”

She hurriedly went pass through him and walked towards the door of her dorm building.

Junsu’s mouth slightly gaped for a moment. There was definitely no other girl that treated him like that. Never. He quickly tried to get his composure back and went after her.

“Yah!” Junsu said as he grabbed onto Cham’s arm, stopping her before she could disappear inside the building.

“What the hell?” she said loudly, trying but failing to get away from his fierce grip.

“Look, I’m here to make it up to you.”

“Make it up to me? Haven’t you TRIED to do that the last time?”

“I’m making up for that. I know what I did back then was really a mistake, a stupid mistake.”

“More like you’re the stupid one.” Cham scoffed. “And don’t talk like that happened a long time ago! For you information, it happened just two days ago.”

“Aigoo.” Junsu whined. “I know, I know. Please, this is the last time I’ll annoy you. Let me make it up to you today and, I promise, I’ll never bother you again.”

Cham raised an eyebrow.

Why couldn’t he just leave me alone, she thought.

“Please…” Junsu pleaded with a pout.

Cham sighed. If it gets you out of my hair permanently, she thought. She slowly nodded, making Junsu smile widely. He dragged her away from the door and to his car.

“What the hell?” Cham uttered in shock as they stood in front of the black Lamborghini she saw earlier. So that was why she didn’t see any shiny red car.

“What? Missed the red Lexus?” Junsu asked.

“You have two of these really expensive cars?”

“Well,” he said boastfully. “There’s also this Ford Mustang, Toyota Camry and a Lamborghini – Gallardo, this time – at home. But I don’t usually use them.”

“Are you that selfish?” Cham asked in an appalled tone. “You have, like, five millions-worth of cars while some of us here in Korea aren’t that fortunate enough to buy food for the day, much more a car!”

“BWO?” Junsu asked, wide-eyed and puzzled. He was close to being torn by amazement, shock and embarrassment. It was amazing that this girl had this attitude in her: being realistic and having concern for the welfare of other people. It was shocking that she had confronted him like this with her opinion. It was also embarrassing for Junsu because, besides from his failed bragging, he had lied –technically not LIED, but kept some details from her. The cars, though can be used by him and the other guys, are not actually theirs. It belonged to the company.

“Yeah! You heard me!” Cham continued, her voice getting louder and louder by each word uttered. “You’re running around in these millions or billions worth of metal to show you belong to the elite. You just show off and try to be the envy of the others then, after that, you’re just gonna throw them out like garbage, wasting easy money again to buy new ones. While we, the normal and the working class people of society, actually work hard for the humble things we have. Aish! But at least we know how to value what we have. Not like, I’m sure, you! Guys like you don’t know the first thing about working hard. Yeah sure, you sing, you dance a little, you pose for a magazine then everything’s alright. You have tons of money you earn just by standing there and you spend it like hell, like there are no poor people suffering, like there are no young children going hungry! Aigoo! The likes of you make me sick!”

She gave him a disgusted look, turned her heel and walked away.

Shock was apparent on Junsu’s face. It took him a second to return back from his stupor.

“Yah!” he yelled back, uncertain if his voice had the edge he wanted. “How can you be sure I’m like that, huh? You don’t even know me! Don’t be that quick to judge!”

Cham turned slightly. “I know enough to judge!” She scoffed and went quickly inside her dormitory.

“Aigoo…” Junsu breathed. He was like not everything Cham had said, well, maybe half but not all of it. He thought he should be angry. But he wasn’t. He thought he should be going inside his car and going back to their group’s apartment. But he wasn’t doing anything like that.

Instead, Junsu followed her inside, determined to – well, he wasn’t actually sure WHY he was going after her again. But, this time, he knew it wasn’t because of his fear for Jaejoong-hyung anymore. It was something else.

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