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The Perfect Day To Say I Love You [Two]

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ The Perfect Day To Say I Love You
♥ Park Yoochun, Han Eun Mi (OC)
• Angst, Drama, Romance
-Inspired by Younha's 고백하기 좋은 날.

Past Chaps: Forewords // One

Kim Junsu seemed to have entered a pig sty. The apartment was in such a mess that it was hard to tell whether the owner had been burglarized or not. Pieces of clothes were strewn everywhere; on the couch, on the TV and there was even one pair of boxers hanging from the ceiling fan. Unfinished pack of chips, half-eaten slices of pizza and other food stuff that seemed to have been there for quite some time littered the small coffee table and even the carpet. He would’ve gagged at the smell and the condition of his friend’s apartment but, having known Park Yoochun for several years now, Junsu was pretty much immune to the composer’s lack of cleanliness.

Junsu marched on towards the bedroom. Not bothering to knock, he quickly opened the door and went inside. An all-too familiar smell of heavy sweat filled his nostrils. The room was as messy as the living room with clothes and sheets thrown just about everywhere. As expected, Junsu found his friend lying face down on his bed. He let out a sigh. His hyung, Jaejoong, had already warned him about their composer friend’s so-called dilemma and he, the Kim Junsu, was here to give a helping hand. Walking closer to the sleeping lazy-ass, Junsu grabbed on to Yoochun’s arm and suddenly pulled him down the side of the bed. The latter woke up as he hit the floor with a loud thud.

“Yahwhazzapening?” The surprised man mumbled with a jolt. He sat up on the floor and rubbed his eyes to see well.

“Wake up!” Junsu said, moving towards the windows to open the curtains. Yoochun squinted as the moderately harsh rays of the sunlight hit his face. “Wha time izz eet?” The composer mumbled, still groggy.

“Already midday, hyung. And you’re still in bed. You should be ashamed.”

Yoochun groaned. “You should be the one who’s ashamed, coming in without any warning and pulling a man out of his peaceful slumber. That should be a crime.”

Junsu rolled his eyes. “Being this dirty should be a crime. Seriously, I don’t know how you can sleep here in this dump.”

“My apartment. My life.” Yoochun answered, standing up from the floor and moving to sit on the bed. “What brings you here anyway?”

Junsu beamed ever so widely and clapped his hands as if he just thought of something so cheery that it could cure any disease in the world.

“What’s with that face?” Yoochun asked after he yawned.

“I’m here to try to cheer you up.” Junsu answered brightly.

The composer raised an eyebrow. With that statement being said by someone named Kim Junsu, it surely meant trouble for someone named Park Yoochun. “What the hell are you planning?”

“Hyung, get up, go get a shower then dress nicely. And I mean, really, really nicely because you’re going on a date tonight.”


“Noooooo!!!” Eun Mi tightened her grip on the doorway of her house. She was struggling to hold on though, as Ri In tried her best to pull her friend out of the apartment. The girl who was pulling was winning though, for Ri In spends her free time in the gym while Eun Mi had never even set foot in one. The closest to a workout that Eun Mi had done was when she had to chase after her cousin’s dog around the park after accidentally letting it loose.

“You’re gonna go, whether you like it or not!” Ri In stated. She grabbed her friend by the waist, hoisted her slightly upwards then started pulling her from the doorway some more. Getting sweatier palms by the second, Eun Mi’s grip on the doorway loosened until she eventually lost it altogether. Ri In let go of her waist but grabbed her arm and started dragging the whining Eun Mi towards her car. The latter was helpless as she was pushed inside the gray Toyota. Ri In got inside too and started the engine. Eun Mi sighed as she peeked through the window of her car. Her mother was now standing by the doorway of their house, smiling and waving goodbye at them. Eun Mi pouted.

“My umma should side with me on this,” She said. “But instead she’s siding with you. Great. Just great.”

“She agrees with me that you should also start dating.” Ri In said as she started to drive.

“It’s against my will. You are forcing me to go to this stupid thing.”

“First of all, it’s not stupid. Second, it’s for your own good, trust me.”

Eun Mi scoffed. “How is this for my own good?” She should’ve suspected that something was up earlier when Ri In dropped by her house with bags of brand new clothes in hand. But Eun Mi could never resist brand new clothes. It was something of an addiction as she would buy at least a dozen or so bags of new clothes in one day after getting her paycheck. So it was because of this that Eun Mi had fallen into Ri In’s trap. After trying on this purple top matched with skinny jeans—the dreaded outfit she was wearing now—Ri In had told her it was perfect for a night out. A few minutes later, Eun Mi found out that her friend had set her up on a blind date… again. And after that, the rest was history… a.k.a. a lot more of the dragging had ensued with Eun Mi’s efforts of resistance failing miserably.

“Look, Eun Mi, just try it again.” Ri In pleaded, eyes on the road but heart trying to reach out to her stubborn friend. “You may not see it now but you will see it eventually.”

“I’m blind. It’s hard for me to see anything.” The girl answered with cold sarcasm.

Ri In sighed. “Eun Mi-yah, just try this one date. This one little date. If it doesn’t work out like the other dates I set up for you, then, fine, this will be your last date. I promise I’ll stop setting you up with guys and stuff.”

“You really promise that?”

“I promise.” Ri In answered sincerely, holding up her right hand then looking at Eun Mi for a second before she returned her eyes on the road.

“Fine. Then this will be the last.” Eun Mi happily stated.

“If it doesn’t work out.” Ri In clarified. “But if it does, then it’ll be great. You will finally have a love story of your own!”

Eun Mi simply rolled her eyes. “I highly doubt it.” She mumbled to herself.

“This date wouldn’t be as awkward as the other dates you had before.”

Eun Mi wanted to disagree but she stopped herself. “And how so?” She said instead, just for effect.”

“Because we’ll be in a double date. Me and my date, plus you and your date.” Ri In announced with a smile.


“I don’t even know how you talked me into this.” Yoochun muttered. He and Junsu were in front of an amusement park, apparently waiting for their ‘dates’ to arrive.

“Because you love me as much as Jaejoong-hyung loves me.” Junsu said with a wide smile.

Yoochun scoffed. “No. It was because your hyung threatened to cut my balls off if ever I don’t come with you on this stupid date. And with your hyung, well, that threat might just happen if I don’t comply. You do know he’s scary.”

Junsu didn’t say anything in response to this and Yoochun took this opportunity to get his trusty pack of cigarettes from his pocket. But before he could get even just one stick, Junsu swiftly took the pack away from him, threw it on the ground and stomped on each and every one of the cancer sticks.

“Hyung said no cigarettes for tonight.”

Yoochun frowned, his gaze shifting from Junsu to the murdered stick of cigarette on the ground. The composer let out a cuss word but he let the incident slide for now. After all, what can he do? He could scream, throw tantrums and annoy the hell out of his friend before finally running away from this date. But Yoochun was too lazy to do all that and he was certain that Jaejoong wouldn’t let it pass. The older guy can be frightening at times with his preaching and stuff and Yoochun was certainly not interested in listening to it. So the plan of staying and going with the flow seemed to be the best option since he could just bore his date to death. Yep, that’ll just be his plan, bore the poor girl to death until she regrets ever agreeing to go on this blind date.


Ri In pulled over in front of the local amusement park. “We’re here.” She said as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“Yipee.” Eun Mi said sardonically as she too unbuckled her seatbelt. They got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance.

“I think that’s them.” Ri In said, pointing to two guys who were conversing by the entrance. The two girls walked towards their direction. Ri In actually ran towards one of the guys, the shorter one. He saw her and instantly greeted her with an all too intimate hug and a short peck on the cheeks. Eun Mi didn’t need superhuman hearing powers to know that the two exchanged sappy, cheesy lines with each other before Ri In turned towards her and introduced her to the guy.

“Junsu-yah, this is Eun Mi. Eun Mi-yah, Junsu-yah.”

“Hey.” He said in a rather high-pitched voice and an ever so wide smile.

“Hey.” She greeted back with only a half-hearted smile.

The guy named Junsu then turned towards his companion who, all this time, had his back towards them. “Yo, Yoochun-hyung, our dates are here.”

The guy sighed loudly, as if to subtly announce that he was the least bit interested. He slowly turned and gazed at both Ri In and Eun Mi. He only gave a nod.

Eun Mi stared at the guy. That curly hair that reached up to his nape seemed awfully familiar to her. She just couldn’t place where she’d seen it.

“Hyung, this is my date, Ri In.”

“Hi.” Ri in greeted sweetly.

Yoochun only looked at her as if she was a very uninteresting piece of cardboard but he greeted her nonetheless. “Yeah, hey.” He said, not even trying to hide the boredom in his voice.

And then it hit Eun Mi. That voice…

“And this is Eun Mi-sshi, your date.” Junsu said. “Eun Mi-sshi, Yoochun-hyung.”

Eun Mi stared at him again. Now she finally recognized him. She scoffed and glared at the guy. “Omo! And out of all the people in the world!”

The tone in her voice incited a response from Yoochun. “Excuse me?” He said incredulously, glaring back at the girl glaring at him.

“Yah! Have you forgotten me already? Right, I guess rude people like you also have bad memories, huh?”

Ri In and Junsu exchanged confused looks with each other. “You know each other?” Ri In asked.

Yoochun blinked and stared at the girl. She did seem somehow familiar… and then it dawned on him.

He scoffed too. “Ah, you have the guts to call me rude when you’re as rude as me! Oh wait, but isn’t it people who work in cafes should be kind to their customers? I bet you got fired from that job, didn’t you?”

And the two started yelling from then on. Ri In and Junsu could only exchange looks, thinking the same thing the other one was thinking: that maybe setting up Park Yoochun and Han Eun Mi on a blind date might have been the worst idea ever.


It took a while before things had settled. The word “while” there meant fifteen minutes of shouting from Yoochun and Eun Mi, Ri In and Junsu’s combined efforts of trying to stop them from screaming at each other more and even the help of two security guards. While the “settled” there meant silence between Yoochun and Eun Mi with the permanent glares and the occasional breathed cuss words from the composer and occasional rolling of the eyes from the barista. The four of them were walking around the amusement park, trying—trying is the keyword—to at least have some little fun. Well, Ri In and Junsu were doing that. Yoochun and Eun Mi, on the other hand, continued to secretly curse the world and everything in it. They could run away and they freaking wanted to, only, their hands were joined by a handcuff, generously lent by one of the security guards after being talked to it by Junsu and Ri In.

Still feeling negativity being thrown at them by the handcuffed pair, Junsu and Ri In decided to leave the two alone, which they did. And Yoochun and Eun Mi found themselves roaming around the amusement park with a “fugitive” stuck to them.

“This sucks.” Yoochun groaned.

“Way to state the obvious, genius.” Eun Mi retorted back.

“I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to myself.”

“Oh right. I forgot that people who are psychotic and who aren’t right in the head need to talk to themselves frequently.” She said with heavy sarcasm.

Yoochun’s nostrils flared in annoyance. “I may be psychotic but at least I’m not someone who’s so desperate that she easily agrees to some stupid blind date.”

“Oh you mean me?” Eun Mi scoffed. “Way to go on the quickest to judge. If you were smart you’d realize that I’m not too glad to be here just as you are. I was just forced to be here, thank you very much. If I had a choice between being stuck on you and being eaten alive by millions of ants, I’d choose the ants.”

Yoochun mocked a grin. “Well the same goes here. It seems we at least both agree on that one.”

Eun Mi rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I’m going to sit down.” She marched towards the nearest bench with Yoochun behind her. Both of them sat down, keeping a good amount of distance between them, as much as the handcuffs allowed them to anyway.

They stayed silent for a few moments, both secretly agreeing that they should just freaking wait until the day ends and their friends to call on the security guard to get this restraint off of them. The speaker behind them started playing a song. Eun Mi recognized it as Brian Mcnight’s “Anytime.” As to why an amusement park would play a ballad was beyond her but she didn’t care. Eun Mi started to sing to it. After all, she was a fan of Brian McKnight and had this compulsive habit of singing to his songs every time she hears them. Even though her voice was soft, Yoochun still heard it. He stopped for a moment and turned to look at her. She seemed to be unmindful of him as she sang the song wholeheartedly.

Unable to hide his curiosity, Yoochun asked. “You know that song?”

Eun Mi stopped singing. She turned to him and raised an eyebrow. “Er, yeah. Anytime. I’m a huge fan of Brian McKnight and his songs are mostly my favorite.” She blinked. Just a minute ago, the guy beside her looked like he was about to murder anyone and anything that came too close to him. But now, he resembled a cute, innocent, little puppy wagging its tail as if to say that he wants you to throw a stick and he’ll fetch it for you.

“Is anything wrong?” She asked.

“Oh no, not at all.” Yoochun said, smiling a bright and cheery smile for the first time. “It’s just that, I’m a huge fan of him too.”

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