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Undisclosed Desires

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Undisclosed Desires
♥ Kim Jaejoong, Choi Sooyoung
• Romance, Questionable smut
* NC-17
→ Jaejoong was just snooping around...

It was a bad habit of Jaejoong, snooping around her house at such ungodly hours. But he couldn’t help it. He wasn’t particularly close to her at school. How can they? He was the popular quarterback with whom every guy wanted to be friends with and with whom every girl wanted a one night stand with, while Sooyoung was the smart, hot girl who was intelligent enough to be wary of hormonally-crazed football players. And so Jaejoong never even had even a glance from her thrown at him.

He was secretly crazy about her. Every night, he would creep to her house, stand just outside her bedroom and take a peek through her bedroom window. He loved to watch her quietly read a book, talk to one of her friends on the phone, surf the internet or, as she always does at this time, sleep soundly.

But tonight was different. Sooyoung wasn’t doing any of the stuff she usually did. No, she was doing something else.

Beads of sweat formed on Jaejoong’s forehead, his eyes glued intently at the scene he was watching through the window. He didn’t understand it at first, why Sooyoung suddenly sat up on her bed, furiously taking all her clothes off. It was a few seconds later that he finally realized what she was doing.

My god! She’s touching herself! His eyes widened, his jaw dropped and drool rolled down the side of his mouth. Heat coursed throughout his body as he continued watching her palming her breasts and playing with her clit. Jaejoong could feel his pants tighten around his crotch. He could hear her muffled moans behind the glass. They got louder and heavier as she fingered herself faster. The sight of his ideal girl touching herself like crazy in front of him was madly erotic.

With his breath getting heavier, Jaejoong quickly unzipped his pants and released his hardened cock. His eyes went back to her highly arousing sight and he started pumping. Jaejoong bit his lip in an effort to stop himself from gasping or making any such noise. He used his pre-come as an alternative lube before tightening his grip around the throbbing stick of meat. He pumped harder and faster, trying to make it in the same rhythm with her finger. Jaejoong imagined Sooyoung convulsing beneath him, moaning the same erotic moans she was currently moaning. He shut his eyes, pumping faster and faster and until delicious orgasm finally hit him. Jaejoong groaned through his teeth. He opened his eyes, wiped his cum off of him with his jacket and zipped his pants back. He turned towards the window and saw Sooyoung was still at it. His cock twitched as he instinctively knew she was close.

She closed her eyes and moaned a name when orgasm hit her hard. It was muffled yet Jaejoong heard it clearly.


His cock hardened again and Jaejoong suddenly found himself unable to move away, to hide himself behind the brushes. Panting, Sooyoung slowly sat up. She took a blanket and wrapped it around her naked form. She tried to regain her breathing and she happened to look out of the window. Their still lust-filled eyes met. She gasped. Jaejoong stood still. A blush crossed Sooyoung’s cheeks. She blinked, half-embarrassed and half-wondering what Jaejoong was doing here at this hour. He, the stereotypical bad boy that her parents had warned her about once she hit puberty, the gorgeous player of sports and of the hearts of girls, the one with whom she just can’t stop thinking about.

Slowly, Sooyoung stood up and walked towards him. She opened the window and Jaejoong climbed in. They stood silent. Words were not needed, as both saw the answers they wanted from each other’s eyes.
Tags: dbsk: jaejoong, fic: undisclosed desires, oneshot, snsd: sooyoung
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