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The Perfect Day to Say I Love You [Three]

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ The Perfect Day To Say I Love You
♥ Park Yoochun, Han Eun Mi (OC)
• Angst, Drama, Romance
-Inspired by Younha's 고백하기 좋은 날.

Past Chaps: Forewords // One // Two

After learning that he was also a fan of Brian McKnight, Eun Mi got to know a few more trivia about Park Yoochun: 1.) that he’s a composer for a recording company 2.) He’s not really a monster (thank goodness), he’s a normal human being with just a bad temper whenever he’s suffering from composer’s block 3.) He’s really a great person to talk to when he’s not being a complete ass, and 4.) They just spent the whole hour talking about stuff, from music to food to how Yoochun’s wide forehead is ridiculously wide.

“It’s not that huge.” Yoochun said, pouting as he tried to look up to see his forehead.

Eun Mi chuckled. “Yes, it is. It’s very, very, very huge.”

“Yah, okay, I know it’s a little huge but not that much.”

“Fine. Fine.” Eun Mi said. “Oh, Yoochun-sshi, do you want to go to a ride or something? I mean, it’ll be a pity if we just sat here waiting for the two lovebirds to come back.”

Yoochun thought for a while then smiled. “Yeah, sure. I guess it’s okay.”

“Yah! But don’t think it’s a date, arasso? This is so not a date.” Eun Mi added as they both stood up from the bench.

The composer chuckled. “Don’t worry. I’m not considering it like that. We have the same dilemma; we’re just here because our friends drag us here.”


“Oh,” Yoochun added. “We haven’t properly introduced ourselves. I’m Yoochun, Park Yoochun.” He said, eyes smiling as he held out his free hand.

Eun Mi smiled back as she took his hand and shook it. “Nice to meet you Park Yoochun. I’m Han Eun Mi, by the way.”

They both chuckled as they made their way to the nearest roller coaster.


It was as if Ri In and Junsu came back through a portal that led them towards another dimension. The two people they had left earlier who looked like they were about to murder each other looked like they were the best of friends after a few hours. Who would have thought?

“Oh, come on,” They heard Eun Mi giggle as she playfully hit Yoochun on the shoulder. “There’s no way I would choose between G.Na and Hyori. They’re both very good singers!”

“Well I know who I would choose.” Yoochun grinned. “Hyori.”

“Of course! Guys prefer Hyori more because of her ‘smoking’ figure, I get it.” She rolled her eyes. “But talent wise, they’re both equally talented and their songs are really good.”

The two of them laughed with each other, still walking along the amusement park’s path and not noticing the two figures now trying to keep up with them.

“Er, Eun Mi-yah?” Ri In tried to call but the said girl and Yoochun were busy talking more about music that they didn’t hear her.

“Ehem.” Junsu tried clearing his throat as they jogged closer to them. Nothing. He tried again, louder this time and it finally caught Yoochun’s attention.

“Oh!” The composer turned to see them, a look of surprise on his face. “You two are here! We’ve been wondering where you two went.”

“Uh-huh, clearly.” Junsu answered rather cynically.

“Wow. What happened when we left?” Ri In said, unable to hold her curiosity.

“Well, if you really want to know, we fought more but then Yoochun-sshi here surprisingly turned back into a human being after hearing Brian McKnight.” Eun Mi answered playfully.

A pout played on Yoochun’s lips. “Yah! You’re making me sound like I was a monster before.”

“Well, you were!” She defended jokingly.

“Erm, not to ruin your fun but,” Junsu butted in with an apologetic smile. “We need to get going. It’s getting late, you know.”

“Ah, right.” The two both muttered. They looked at each other for a moment before laughing softly together again. Junsu and Ri In exchanged amused glances.

Could it be? Ri In’s gaze asked.

It seems so. Junsu replied through his eyes.

“So,” Eun Mi said. “Where’s the guard so we can get this thing off?” She asked, holding out hers and Yoochun’s handcuffed hand.


“Well, it was nice meeting you, Yoochun-sshi.” Eun Mi said and Yoochun took note of how her cheeks turned into an adorable shade of red when she smiled. She held out her hand and he took it, slowly shaking it, savoring the feel of her soft skin against his. Yoochun inwardly smiled as he had the pleasure of having his hand close to hers for hours, even if they were held by a cold cutting metal that was the handcuffs.

“Nice to meet you too, Eun Mi-sshi.” Yoochun replied, eyes twinkling as he stared back at her. “I hope we can see each other again.” He added that last part subtly.

“Of course. Just drop by the café anytime, arasso?” Eun Mi replied and Yoochun wondered if she took his hint the wrong way. “Well, I better go.”

“Yeah.” Yoochun retracted his hand and slowly placed them inside his pocket. He watched as Eun Mi walked away and went inside Ri In’s gray Toyota. She waved one last goodbye to him before the car roared to life and drove away.

“And I thought you would hate this date.” Junsu chuckled as Yoochun sat on the passenger seat.

Yoochun let out a sigh. He stared at the spot where he and Eun Mi shook hands earlier. “I thought I would too. But then she changed it all.”


It was like Yoochun was back to his teenage years. He was surprisingly giddy and cheerful, a feat he rarely saw in himself so early in the morning. The wide smile that had played on his lips since last night never went away. And he was laughing to himself. He almost never did that before.

It was all because of her.

Yoochun couldn’t think of anyone or anything besides her. He wondered what Eun Mi had that made him like this. They met just yesterday and, frankly and cheesily speaking, he felt like they’ve known each other for years.

“I want to see her again.” He said without thinking. Not a second too soon, Yoochun bolted upright and quickly headed towards the showers, remembering that he had a rather obvious way of seeing her again.


Junsu made his way the familiar path towards his friends’s apartment, wanting to check whatever had happened to Yoochun. When he left the guy last night, the composer seemed like he was walking on a cloud. He was smiling to himself (in a weird fashion) and he was strangely humming to himself. Junsu surely had never seen his hyung do this before. Perhaps Ri In’s friend, Eun Mi, had a very good effect on his hyung. This was surely good news.

As he stopped in front of Yoochun’s door, Junsu reached out for the knob. Before he could even touch it though, the door opened.

“Hyung?” Junsu’s jaw dropped, surprised that his friend was even awake, much more showered and looking fresh. Junsu could swear he even got a whiff of perfume. Yoochun never wears perfume.

“Oh, Junsu-yah. What are you doing here?” Yoochun asked as if this was a normal routine for him.

“I… I c-came to check on you.” Junsu replied, still wide-eyed.

“Oh, well that’s nice of you.” The composer smiled as he locked the door. “I’m doing well but I have to go, er, somewhere. Catch you later?”

Junsu could only nod as he watched Yoochun walk towards the elevator very cheerfully.


Unlike the last time he was here, Café Paradise was packed. Almost all of the tables were occupied. Yoochun quickly went in line, keeping his eyes peeled for a certain girl with long, wavy black hair. Unfortunately for him, she was nowhere to be found.

“Oh, Yoochun-sshi.” Ri In greeted when it was his turn to order.

“Ri In-sshi.” He gave a polite smile before his eyes wandered around again, hoping to see Eun Mi somewhere, anywhere. Ri In didn’t miss this action.

Stifling a chuckle, she gave a somewhat mocked apologetic smile. “Ah, I forgot I need to do something. You wouldn’t mind if Eun Mi took your order, would you?”

Yoochun couldn’t help but grin. “N-No, not at all.”

Flashing a knowing smile, Ri In walked inside the kitchen. Eun Mi walked out afterwards. She flashed a wide smile towards Yoochun as soon as she saw him.

“Yoochun-sshi!” She greeted and it somehow made his heart flutter. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Well, you did brag yesterday that you had the best coffees in town. I thought wanted to try one.” He said, knowing too well that his reason for being here had nothing to do with coffee.

“Okay then.” Eun Mi chuckled. “What would you be having?”

Yoochun stared at the menu for a second then back at Eun Mi. “You know, I’m at a loss. Why don’t you suggest something to me?” He asked, a playful grin playing on his lips.


It went on for weeks. Yoochun had made a habit of dropping by the café every single day. Sometimes, he would stay there for just a few minutes but in other times, he would stay and sit there for hours. For Ri In and Onew, Yoochun’s reason for being there on a daily basis was obvious. He never once ordered from them. But Eun Mi seemed too oblivious.

“Yoochun’s here again.” Ri In whispered, nudging her friend on the ribs. Eun Mi turned to see the composer pulling up his usual chair by the window.

“As expected.”

“You do know why he’s always here, right?” Ri In asked.

“Of course.” Eun Mi answered. “Wide forehead over there has fallen in love with our latte, he said so himself. And he first said he hated caffeine. Look at him now. He’s practically here everyday.”

“He is here everyday.” The older girl corrected. “And I think it’s not the latte. I’m pretty sure it’s something else he’s fallen in love with.”

“Really?” Eun Mi looked up at Ri In curiously. “But he never orders anything else.”

The older girl just blinked.

“Well, I better take his usual cup to him.” Eun Mi said, smiling. Ri In just watched her as she carried the tray towards Yoochun. The composer’s face lit up as soon as he saw Eun Mi.

“Sometimes I wonder if Eun Mi is acting like she’s stupid or she really is stupid.” Ri In muttered to herself but Onew heard it anyway.

“I think she’s just too innocent.” He answered, poking his head out of the kitchen to watch Eun Mi talk to Yoochun. “To be honest, she’s too naïve to realize that the guy’s crazy for her, even when it’s very much obvious.”

“No, I think she’s in denial.” Ri In stated, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall. “I think she has a clue in the very least why Yoochun’s here everyday. But she would rather think he’s just a friend loving the coffee instead of an admirer wanting to be closer to her.”

“And why would she do that?”

Ri In merely shrugged.


“Yoochun-ah?” Eun Mi spoke softly as she slowly sat down in front of the said man.


“You’re a composer, right? And you play the piano?”

Yoochun took another sip of his coffee before looking back at her. “Yeah. I told you that the first time we met. Why?”

“Well…” Eun Mi hesitated. She looked straight at the table and was unconsciously playing with her fingers. Yoochun took note of how adorable she looked when she’s shy.

“You can tell me anything, you know.” He said reassuringly. “What is it?”

“Erm, my aunt and uncle are going to renew their vows this Saturday and the band they hired earlier dropped out at the last minute. But then I remembered you so I told them I would try to ask you if you could do it.” She said all too fast but Yoochun still understood it.

“Ask me to what?”

“Play for the wedding. You don’t need to compose a new song or anything. You could just use something you already know as long as it’s romantic. Is it okay? Or are you busy then?”

Yoochun chuckled. “First of all, it’s okay. I’m flattered that you thought of me and you’re lucky I don’t have plans for Saturday.” It was a lie. Junsu had specifically told him he and Jaejoong would be dropping by his apartment on Saturday just because they felt like it. But it wasn’t technically Yoochun’s plans so he figured he could wiggle his way out of that. After all, it was a job, even if he was going to do it just because it was an opportunity to be closer to her.

“So you’ll do it?” Eun Mi asked excitedly.

“Yes, I’ll definitely do it. Anything for you.” Yoochun smiled warmly. He meant everything he said, especially those last three words.


When Yoochun returned home that afternoon, he immediately locked himself up in his music room. Unlike the rest of his apartment, this room was surprisingly clean. He preferred it that way. This is his sanctuary, after all.

Yoochun took the music sheets that were placed neatly on the side table before he sat himself in front of the grand piano. There, on the sheets, was a song waiting to be completed. He had been struggling to write one for weeks before but, now, inspiration seemed to flow freely towards him. Yoochun smiled.

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