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prove you wrong;

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Prove You Wrong
♥ Jung Yunho, Seo Hyun
• Smut, NC-17
-Jung Yunho, just like all the others, didn't perceive her as much and Seohyun vowed to prove everyone wrong.

It all started with a question posed by Hyoyeon, who had then just finished watching porn in her room: Who was the kinkiest in So Nyu Shi Dae?

The rest of them instantly agreed that the title should go to Choi Sooyoung, who can never live without bringing a huge bottle of lube, a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs, a cockring and all sorts of toys whenever she goes out on her nightly dates with one Kim Jaejoong. Of course, it was general knowledge that Sooyoung only brings half of what they actually use, the other half was brought by Jaejoong. So, yes, definitely, without a doubt, Sooyoung is the kinkiest out of all of them. Coincidentally, the said girl was out when this discussion was being held, being on another date with the lead singer of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Then another question was posed by Yoona, who’s next after Sooyoung? How should they rate each of the members according to kinkiness? Most of them couldn’t agree on who should come in second, in third and so on. It took them a few hours to finally come up with a ranking. A lot of comparisons had been done and even the number of experiences and sexual preference were taken into account. Tiffany came in second; Jessica third; Taeyeon fourth; Hyoyeon fifth; Yoona sixth; Yuri and Sunny were tied in seventh; and Seohyun was in last place.

The youngest frowned upon that decision for the other 7 girls put her in last place since she hadn’t had a real experience yet. Yoona even said she shouldn’t be in the list at all. But Seohyun tried to argue. She told them about the night with Kyuhyun but Taeyeon dismissed it as both Seohyun and Kyuhyun were too drunk that time and they didn’t even know if anything actually happened. The rest of the girls agreed with their leader.

Then there was a knock on the door. Yunho came in and found the girls huddled up in a circular formation. Just to prove a point, Taeyeon stood up and asked,

“Yunho-oppa, tell us something, could you even imagine our dear maknae here being hardcore and kinky in bed?”

Yunho—blushing at the fact these girls had the guts to actually ask him something like that—stared at the said girl. Seohyun tried to send a pleading stare. She wanted him to say that appearances can be deceiving. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

“Seohyun-ah looks like she is the most innocent out of all of you and I know her well enough that it’s true. So I can never imagine her being close to kinky.”

The other girls cheered and mumbled an endless flow of “I told you so” to the youngest. Seohyun sulked.

To change the subject and do what he actually came to do here, Yunho called Jessica, Tiffany, Yoona and Sunny and told them Soo Man was asking for them. While the said girls one by one stood up and arranged themselves, Seohyun continued glaring at Yunho.

It was that time that she vowed to herself that she would prove everyone wrong.


Changmin secretly prided himself in being a sneaky bastard. He was gifted with intelligence and an uncanny ability to do almost anything. And that was why he was the number one person to ask special favors from. He has a lot of clients but Jaejoong was his number one. Changmin was the older man’s provider with the necessary things that made Sooyoung go crazy with pleasure. Jaejoong paid him handsomely for it.

But one night, an unusual client came to ask for his help. Changmin didn’t know whether to be shocked at the fact that the innocent Seo Joo Hyun, adorable and childish maknae of So Nyu Shi Dae, was there in front of him or at the fact that what she was asking him was so very unlike her. When Seohyun produced a wad of cash from her pocket, Changmin stopped asking questions and started making plans.


Jaejoong was with Sooyoung, as always; Yoochun flew back to Virginia for the weekend; Junsu also decided to visit his parents in back in Gyeonggi-do; and Changmin… the youngest didn’t exactly say where he was going. He just told Yunho he’d be going out until morning before disappearing out the door. For all the leader knew, the perverted kid could be in some club right now having the fuck of his life.

Yunho shook his head. At least he had the apartment all to himself. He laid out his clothes on the bed and took a nice hot shower. When he finished, he draped a towel around his waist and went to his bedroom only to find that the clothes he laid out earlier on his bed were now missing. Before he can contemplate more on the confusing matter, a door suddenly slammed shut. Yunho turned around and came face to face with Seohyun.

Scratch that. He came face to face with a very hot, very sexy Seohyun who was currently wearing a tight porn-starry nurse’s uniform that had a V-neckline that plunged even below her belly button and was even shorter than their short shorts in Genie. Not to mention that the V-neckline and the fact that her nipples were clear and almost visible through the white and obviously thin fabric told him that she was in no way wearing a bra. Yunho drooled and felt himself go rigid.

Yunho stupidly let his jaw hang as he stared at her from top to bottom, his eyes enjoying every inch of her exposed skin. The fact that he was just covered in a flimsy towel didn’t help much. He felt like he was in a very good porn movie. And he liked it. “W-what are… y-you…”

“Ssshh,” Seohyun walked up towards him and placed a finger on his lips. Yunho froze and was instantly greeted with a very familiar throbbing down south. Seohyun pushed him on the bed and made him sit. “You think I’m this innocent little girl, don’t you?” She said as she placed her right knee next to him. “Well, I’m here to make you eat your words, oppa.”

Seohyun placed her hands on his bare shoulders then placed her left knee on Yunho’s left side, straddling him. She crashed her lips on his and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed her back. Her tongue played with his tongue as her hands went down to Yunho’s naked torso. She felt him shiver underneath her feathery touches. Seohyun broke off from the kiss and saw lust in Yunho’s eyes. She smirked and quickly kissed him again. She pushed him down further on the bed as Yunho placed his hands on her butt. He groped her, making her moan. She broke off from the kiss again and went to the bedside table. She took something there and before Yunho could even move to see what she took, she was kissing him again. Seohyun grabbed his right arm and quickly cuffed him to the bedpost. It was Yunho who broke off from the kiss this time. He looked up and saw his hand chained with a pair of white fluffy handcuffs.

“Wh-What’s this?” He asked, shocked.

Seohyun merely grinned. “You’ll like it, I promise.”

She kissed him again and Yunho was too filled with lust to resist. He didn’t do anything when she took his other arm and chained him with another pair of white fluffy handcuffs. She sat on top of his crotch, eliciting a moan from him. Seohyun kissed him on his neck. She moved slowly, leaving a trail of wet kisses from the neck to the collarbone down to his chest. She took her time there while Yunho was feeling hotter and hornier with every kiss. Seohyun played with his nipples using her fingers before licking his right bud. Yunho groaned when Seohyun began sucking it. She took her time and did the same to the other nipple. Yunho’s horniness and lust was fueled with every second that ticked by. He was starting to get crazy as Seohyun’s tongue seemed to take its time to explore every inch of his naked, sun-kissed skin.

Yunho felt her wet kisses move down to his abs. She licked and kissed and sucked his exposed skin and ever so slowly went down. She played with the hairs on his stomach then, giving him a seductive look, Seohyun sat up. She slowly took the towel off him, revealing his huge cock, hard, erect, leaking and ready. She licked her lips. Yunho shivered a little as the cold air nipped at the sensitive skin.

Seohyun moved his legs apart so that she could have space to sit. He almost jolted upright when he felt her grabbing the base of his cock. Yunho tried to move his hands but with his restraints it was hard to do so. He watched her as she bent down and gave a kiss on the tip. Seeing him squirm a little, Seohyun decided to tease him more. She tightened her grip before she gave a long, slow lick on the tip of his cock, all the while squeezing the base a little bit. Yunho moaned. Her tongue slowly moved downwards. She licked his whole length on one side then moved to lick the other side. She didn’t stop until her tongue licked every inch of his cock and even his balls, making Yunho squirm and moan even more.

When she stopped, Seohyun winked at him then started to unzip her clothes from behind. Yunho watched her as she slowly pulled her clothes off. He licked his lips at the sight of her boobs. They jiggled a little as she moved and Yunho was hit by the urge of licking and sucking those erect nipples. For a moment, he had forgotten the restraints again and tried to lunge forward but the handcuffs prevented him from moving more than an inch away.

Seohyun gave out a light laugh. “Patience.” She said as she threw her clothing on the ground. She was just wearing a pair of thin, see-through panties. “By the way, I hope you don’t mind.” She pointed at the top corner of the room. Yunho followed her gaze and saw a video camera, on and recording everything. Yunho wasn’t new to this. There had been a camera once or twice when he had sex with Tiffany and Yoobin. So it was basically fine. But this maybe the first time he’d been recorded while being restrained… And being controlled in bed by the girl.

“It’s fine.” He mumbled, looking back at Seohyun. She smiled and her attention went back to his now leaking cock. After giving it another long and slow lick, she licked her lips and, inch by inch, her mouth engulfed his cock. Yunho closed his eyes, reveling the feeling of her sucking him and deep-throating him. He kept moaning, the embarrassment he had felt just a second ago at the fact that the girl was the controlling one was gone. It was replaced by pure pleasure and the want of just having a good and sexy fuck.

Seohyun stopped just before Yunho was close to cumming. He almost whined but new the night was just beginning. He watched her as she smirked and positioned herself in front of his cock. With her hand still on the base, she guided his cock inside her. Seohyun moaned as his size pierced inside her. He was surely larger than she had expected. Seohyun licked her lips again, her cheeks and whole body was hotter than it was before. With a moan she started moving her hips, ramming herself into Yunho’s cock as her hands fondled with her boobs. With every push and pull, she moaned. Yunho moaned and grunted with her. The pace had started fast but as the pleasure increased Seohyun was blushing too much to make it faster. The pace got slower as the minutes passed. Yunho, although still feeling pleasured, wanted a faster pace. Still moaning, he shook his hands and the chains clanked. Seohyun, having read his mind, stopped. With him still inside of her she moved forward, took the key from the bedside table and unchained him. Yunho quickly sat up as she dropped the key and the chains on the bed. He kissed her on the mouth first while his hands found their way on her chest. Seohyun moaned through the kiss as Yunho played with her boobs. He moved his kisses downward just as she did earlier, licking, kissing and sucking the milky white skin until he got to her breasts. Seohyun almost screamed as Yunho sucked onto her nipples, his warm saliva dripping down his mouth and down her breast. Just as she did earlier, Yunho took her time and did the same on the other breast. When he was done, they gently switched position, him still being inside her. Yunho lied on top of her and kissed her, kissed her passionately. Both their tongues and bodies were entwined in pleasured bliss.

They broke off and Seohyun whispered something into his ears that made him shiver. Fuck me senseless. Fuck me now. With a smirk, Yunho sat up and started ramming inside her with animalistic speed. Seohyun held onto the blankets tightly as pleasure struck inside her almost violently. She came first, moaning loudly in pleasure, her body relaxing limply after. Yunho followed suit. Having pulled his cock out when she came, his cum spurted onto her stomach. Undeterred and still feeling lustful, Seohyun slowly sat up and licked the remaining cum on the tip of Yunho’s cock. He suddenly went hard and she ended up sucking him again. Yunho lolled his head as he came for the second time.

Breathing heavily, both Yunho and Seohyun fell on top of each other. He kissed her on the mouth and pulled her closer to him.

“I’m still not convinced that you’re kinky.” He whispered and Seohyun looked at him, puzzled. “I still need more convincing. Perhaps, three more rounds?” He asked with a sly, perverted grin playing on his lips.

Seohyun grinned as well. “Give it an hour or two, then I’ll start with other ways of trying to convince you.”

She looked at the camera, winked and the two shared another heated kiss.

A few blocks away, in the So Nyu Shi Dae apartment, 7 girls and 1 sneaky bastard all had their mouths wide open in shock. The laptop screen in front of them was blaring, showing them the hot and steamy naked kissing scene of Dong Bang Shin Ki’s leader and So Nyu Shi Dae’s maknae.

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